Where to Sell Jewelry NY

It’s common for people to be puzzled about how and where to sell jewelry in NY that they no longer want. There are a few common things that people do with their old jewelry:

– They give it away to charity, as a gift, or sell it to a friend at a deep discount,
– They sell it online,
– They sell it at their local jewelry store or;
– They leave it in a box to be forgotten or inherited.

What all of these have in common is that they provide a very minimal return. For a product with higher value than most possessions, you should receive the full valuation and capital you deserve. Due to the content of precious metals and stones, which hold value very well and are currently at or near all time market highs, selling your jewelry can be a competitive and lucrative investment.

Where to sell jewelry is not up for debate if receiving the best value is your goal. You need a buyer who has access to the larger wholesale retailers and manufacturers, as opposed to buyers who sell used jewelry in their own store. At Golda Jewelry, we are able to get you the best prices available because we’re one of the most experienced and respected vendors in the industry, ensuring you the best possible price.

You should no longer be nervous or unsure about where in NY to sell jewelry you no longer want. Come in today and let our experienced staff walk you thorough our appraisal process based on objective data, with no pressure or obligation.
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