Where can I sell my diamond ring?

Are you looking into selling your diamond ring? Maybe because you want to upgrade to a bigger stone or maybe you just need some cash?

Your diamond ring might have a higher value that what you would expect. In order to get the right price you have to sell your diamond ring to the right kind of diamond buyer.

Selling your diamond ring to your local jeweler can be a big mistake since your local jeweler probably can't easily resell your ring. Due to lack of buyers in the local area they will have to expect that it will take a while before a potential buyer walks by and therefore need more profit to cover the inventory cost, security cost etc.

Most likely your local jeweler can't give you the real price of your diamond ring because they need to leave room for cost and profit.

So where can you sell your diamond ring and get the highest price?

To get the highest price you should contact a professional diamond buyer also called a wholeseller.

A whole seller typically has a global network of sale-channels and can quick and easily find someone who would be interested in buying your ring from them.

Since the wholseller can move your old diamond ring through their sales channels quickly they will most likely not require much profit on your diamond ring and therefore pay you a price very close to the diamond rings true value.

Diamond Buyers NYC
Diamonds are forever – pure, brilliant, lustrous. So, whether it’s an old piece you no longer wear, or a recent gift that you are looking to cash in- if you are looking to sell one of your diamonds, it is worth the time to make sure that you get your stones appraised by one of New York’s most experienced diamond buyers.

Our professional staff can ensure that you receive a fair market price and get the highest price available for your diamond ring based on the current market factors. Don’t take the chance of getting an insufficient deal for your diamond. Some local jewelry stores who give you quick valuations without referring to GIA standards may be shortchanging you for thousands of dollars.

When you sell diamonds with Golda, you get not only top-tier customer service, but a qualified, objective analysis of your diamonds based on a set of rigid standards. Our experts grade diamonds based on cut, clarity, color, and carat, so there is no ambiguity and no bargaining.

Are you worried about having your diamonds examined because you don’t want to have your stones removed from their original settings? We can determine a value of your diamonds without removing them from their settings by special instruments used by our appraisers. Most local jewelry stores are not able to do this type of refined service for their customers.

We are the most expirence diamond buyers in New York and more than just knowledgeable people you can talk to. We can save you a lot of money and give you honest, trustworthy valuations. Why would you part with your valuables for anything less than their maximum worth? With Golda Jewelry, you won’t have to settle.















We know how tricky it is to sell your diamonds. Call us today, and let us put you at ease: 212-764-0302. Or fill in the form below to get an online valuation. 

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