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You have diamonds that you want to sell, sell diamonds NYC, and you’re looking for a reputable dealer that will give you the best price for your diamonds. Yes, and you also want to be treated with kindness. We’re right in the middle of the NYC diamond district, and we happen to have a very nice, private store, so you will not be hassled by anyone, at any time. Call us today: 212-764-0302

When you think about it, many of our possessions degrade in value rapidly. For instance, cars lose half of their value off the lot, clothing goes out of style, computers, phones and tablets are constantly becoming improved and outdated. Sellers rarely get good value from selling these.

One thing, however, that will still have a high value is your jewelry, be it antique pieces, family heirlooms, or other vintage goods. You have the choice to sell diamonds at around the same value you bought them for twenty years ago, or sell that fancy phone with internet you got a year ago for a quarter of its value.

When you sell diamonds at Golda Jewelry, what you get is the most experienced lapidaries, both GIA and EGL-certified examining your diamonds to give you the fairest evaluation and price for your stones.

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We reside in the heart of the diamond district in New York, so when it comes to diamonds and jewelry, there is nothing that we haven’t seen or appraised. If you are looking to sell diamonds NYC – whether selling a single diamond, or a whole jewelry collection, you will find unparalleled service with our knowledgeable, experienced staff. With over 30 years of experience, we buy diamonds to consumers of all backgrounds, with a wide variety of products, from the owner who just has a ring or two, to experienced collectors, vendors, and jewelers.

We buy diamonds! Call us today to get the best price for your diamonds. Speak with someone now. 212-764-0302